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  1. Picture/Media/Art Post
    We are really proud of this video and would love to hear what you all think! Would you be interested in seeing more?
  2. Challenger Issues & Problems
    After sitting for no longer than 30 minutes, I started up my 2011 SE and noticed a bunch of blue/grey smoke wafting past the drivers side window... (I had a pretty good tail wind) for a few seconds it looked like I was doing a burnout. But it immediately cleared up... so fast I thought maybe it...
  3. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hi. I have a 2010 Challenger SE ralleye. Last Sunday while driving smoke came out of the dash while I was driving. The laundromat that I pulled into called the fire department. By the time they got there (5min) the smoke had stopped. They saw heat on the infra red camera, but no flame. The...
  4. Picture/Media/Art Post
    SRT8 Long burnout & smoke check my longest burnout There are more on my YouTube channel I hope you like them
1-4 of 4 Results