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  1. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hey y’all, so I’ve been doing a lot of cosmetic improvements to my stock sxt, and I just recently got a spoiler… the problem is I don’t know if I should drill 5 holes or just 2 end holes or if I don’t have to drill any holes and just double side tape it. I appreciate any help, thank you have an...
  2. Dodge Challenger SRT8 Specific
    Well, I picked up this SRT Spoiler from a friend of mine yesterday, and been working on getting it fit on the 09 SRT8, It is about a Half inch taller, and longer, which I like, and also has the center notch which I also dig. It has the OEM backup camera, so I would like to try to get that...
  3. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hey everyone! I finally got enough saved to buy a challenger of my own. All be it a TorRed 2010 SE. I've begun customizing and I just cant decide whether to get a color matched spoiler or go with black... any opinions?
  4. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    SRT-8 spoiler from 2009 challenger SRT-8. Will fit any challenger 2008-2021. No cosmetic damage, upgraded to a big spoiler. $200 OBO.
  5. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Looking to get a black gas-cap and black rear spoiler, to finish off (what I feel) would be a nice sleek look to the car. Question is, do I: Vinyl Wrap the spoiler matte black Paint the Spoiler at a body shop matte black Buy an already matte black aftermarket spoiler, from like AmericaMuscle or...
  6. Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    I have a 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT and I plan on upgrading the radio to a touchscreen model that allows the connection to a back-up camera. The newer models have a connector built into the trunk that wires to the newer radio and I was wondering if there is a way to buy that harness/ connector or...
  7. General Challenger Discussion
    I have a challenger 18 SXT. I was wondering if this will fit my car; it say it doesn’t but the 19 sxt, 18-19 gt fits it. Checked the holes and everything for my car and everything looks to line up with part number 6QW33RXFAD
  8. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I am planning a project for my STX to install a new OEM spoiler with a back up camera. I have already upgraded the head unit to the mygig RHR 730N and its working as expected. Next task is to find and install the wiring from the 730N to the trunk lid (I don't believe its there from the...
  9. Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    I don't want to do any Lockpik, do any splicing or anything of the sort. I simply want to add a backup camera to my Challenger. It has the 5 inch screen as I believe that may matter but is it as simple as: 1) buying this spoiler 2016 Dodge Challenger SXT Camera. Rear view. Spoilerta...
  10. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Selling a like-new WHITE Go-Wing for 2008-2014 Challengers (may fit newer models). It was on my '13 R/T from the factory as part of the Exterior Appearance Package. Only reason I'm selling is because I swapped it out for a matte black one. The spoiler is shown in the picture below. I can...
  11. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Lot of comments on Go wing or not Go wing on other threads but very few answers regarding: filling holes from previous trunk lid spoiler (present on every 2016 models) and option for relocation of the backup camera? I've just got a bright white R/T Shaker and definitively want to go for a Go...
  12. General Challenger Discussion
    I picked up a new car yesterday and it has some clutch issues so it's tethered to the driveway until I can get it to the dealer. I figured while it was down I would start on custom the decal work I plan on doing. I'll post pics of the front fender stripes and hood sometime soon.
  13. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Quite a few forum members have shown interest in the Challenger Airspeed Spoiler that came with many of the Challengers produced by Hurst Performance (pictured below). If Hurst were to produce this spoiler for individual sale, would you be interested? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts.
  14. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    this is off my 2015 R/T it is matte black finish perfect condition fits 2009-2015 challenger $175.00 shipping at your cost of zip code
  15. Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    Hey, I am looking to put a spoiler on my 2014 SXT. I just feel like it doesn't look right without it and i would really like to put it on. I am looking at spoilers on CarID at this URL 2014 Dodge Challenger Spoilers at i am just wondering what the best one to buy is? and how much it...
  16. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I have tried looking multiple times on the forum but couldn't find anything like this so I'll go ahead and share. If someone else knows of something like this link please. I personally love the car without the spoiler but i still wanted and SXT emblem in the back so i measured it out ordered the...
  17. Speedlogix
    If you like the look of the rear spoiler found on the new Scat Pack cars, here is a way to add it to your 08-15 Challenger! This is a Genuine Mopar Spoiler. It is Flat Black with Built in Rear Back Up Camera. This spoiler is found on 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack. This will bolt up to...
1-17 of 31 Results