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srt 392 exhaust

  1. Intake & Exhaust
    Does anyone have the official tube sizing of the factory 6.4/392 headers? I am having to do stages of modifications to my 2016 SRT 392 and I dont want to do a full tune until I get the supercharger setup purchased, probably one year plus. This will never be anything more than a fun street car...
  2. Flowmaster Exhaust Products
    2013 Challenger SRT-8. The tips of my flow master exhaust are rusting so I need to replace them. Can I just buy these tips in the photo I attached and replace them? Is the process difficult/ do I need special tools to do the job? Appreciate any information. Thanks!
  3. Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Hello... I have the following parts for sale off my 2014 srt...removed from vehicle with 300 miles. Stock srt back - $300 (local pick up in Chicago area) Stock vapor (flat black) gas cap - $80 More to come next week: srt springs, stock core radio, manual gear shifter, etc Let...