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  1. Steering Angle Sensor issue_ Anyone has any experience??

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hi there. I was working on my steering angle sensor these days. I forgot to fix the position of steering wheel when I removed the steering column so the sensor need to be calibrated. I already calibrated the clock spring. Anyone has any idea about how to put these two gears into their original...
  2. rude stalk RT challenger

    rude stalk RT challenger

    brand new to the mopar scene! just trying to make my challenger stand out from the sea of bad ass challengers out there! Pitch Black exterior metallic matte charcoal duel racing stripes
  3. WANTED: I need SRT downpipes for my charger!

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Hey anyone have their old downpipes/cats from their challenger/charger srt? Will pay a fair price for them. Thanks in advance!
  4. Lowering Springs - 2016 SRT 392 Active Suspension

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    I am looking for feedback/suggestions on lowering springs for a 2016 SRT392 with the active suspension. I bought my SRT392 used and it came with the Mopar Stage 1 springs P5155436 , not installed. I have seen mixed answers if they will work with my setup with the active suspension...
  5. SRT 392 with Flowmaster Delta Flow 40's

    Intake & Exhaust
    As a daily driver, the stock exhaust had grown louder to the point where drone was becoming a nuisance between the 1400 - 1800 RPM range. I swapped the mid mufflers for 3" Flowmaster Delta 40's with the hope of lessening the drone. These are #924943 (CORRECTION: #942543), and they are...
  6. Wheel interchange for SRT Core

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Car is a 2013 Core, has the alloy wheels with "SRT" cast into one spoke. Does any other model use these wheels? I need to replace a cracked wheel, and a new one is about $500.

    2015 to Current R/T Scat Pack 392
    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND contacting If you are interested in the production of yours... AMAZING and FAST with a small donation for doing the work... and now I need to order and frame my build sheet!!! Thanks again @PLMCRZY
  8. Tazer for challenger 392 srt

    Performance Modifications
    Looking to do some upgrades to my 2015 challenger 392 SRT. I’ve came across a lot of r/t models going with the Tazer mod to unlock the srt pages. Does this mod work for existing SRT‘s or give them anything new?
  9. SRT chin spoiler

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    So I just bought the Air Deflector - Mopar 68258746AB and I was wondering do I need other attachments to go with it like the Reinforcement - Mopar (68260155AA) or can I just use the chin spoiler
  10. Arizona people I need your help!

    Arizona people I need your help! I recently purchased a 2015 Challenger 392, Granite Metallic color from Larry Miller Dodge in Peoria, Arizona. The previous owner dumped a TON of money into this car. It was wonderful for me, but the dealership did not have any specifics on all modifications...
  11. FOR SALE: Kooks long tube headers w/ catted mids

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Kook LT Headers with high flow catted mids. 1 7/8" x 3" new, never installed/used. comes with all gaskets, o2 sensors, and bolts you need. FITS SRT8 AND R/T asking: $1400 for full set. shipping available at your expense. located in 92505 area code. feel free to contact me...
  12. Srt 392 demo go mango

    Dodge Challenger SRT8 Specific
    Hey guys, going to buy my first challenger. Where I am in Canada I can get a 2018 fully loaded SRT 392 for 64,400 all in. It would also be black which is my preference. I found a 2017 Go Mango with black stripes, fully loaded without sunroof for 10,000 less. They say it was a demo and it has...
  13. Worst Day Of My Life I Had To Sell My SRT Challenger

    General Challenger Discussion
    Wassup Guys, I thought that I wouldn't have to make this post but.... Life struck and I had to sell my dream car.. More Details in the video...
  14. Help me CHOOSE badges!?

    Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hey guys I have a beautiful SCAT PACK Challenger Pitch Black and I want to to change the R/T in the front cuz I fkn hate it I don't know why (maybe cuz honestly it's not an r/t TO ME, it really isn't ) I want this definitely on the spoiler (without a doubt one the best emblems ever) srt...
  15. Will headers off 2015 SRT8 392 fit my 2010 RT?

    Bolt On's
    Someone is selling headers and with CATs and pipes to mid section for $800. Is that a fair price? He said they were on his challenger for only 2 summers, they are in like new condition still. Next they came off a 2015 SRT8 392 and I have a 2010 RT 5.7L Will these fit my 5.7L ? Just looking to...
  16. Last Sublime Hellcat?

    SRT Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged (2015 - )
    This Cat is on display outside Brampton Assembly and was just wondering if it could be the last Sublime ever built. Sent from Free App
  17. Clunk under left foot while braking

    6.4L / 392ci (2011 - ?)
    I can feel a noticeable clunk under my left foot when I am braking, close to when I come to a stop. It doesn't happen every time, but often. I can feel it a little more, I think, if I have my left leg bent and my foot back a little on the floorboard rather than all the way extended. Car only...
  18. FOR SALE: 392 hemi crate motor w/ 175 miles

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Getting rid of a 2013 392 crate motor with only 175 miles. Along with it comes an alternator, ported throttle body, Kooks Long tube headers, and mid pipes. Great kit for an engine swap or project cars. The reason I'm getting rid of it, is do to me wrecking my 2012 challenger rt about a week...
  19. Bright White 2015 SRT 392 in SoCal

    New Member Introductions
    Just saying hello. I picked up a 2015 SRT 382 A8 in Bright White yesterday. I managed to catch it in transit to my local dealer and it was packaged exactly as I wanted it. I spent a lot of time lurking here, most of it trying to decide between the Scat Pack and the SRT 392, and then trying to...
  20. Sublime Green or Bright White?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hello, I'm new here, and I decided to join so maybe you guys can help me choose a color for my new SRT 392. A little background regarding my purchase, I placed an order for the new Mustang S550, and since it arrives early March, I've had time to think thoroughly. I've never drove a car with a...