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srt8 6.1 6spd

  1. Purchased SRT8 blows engine before driving off lot!

    General Challenger Discussion
    I need some expert opinions on this issue I am in with a used SRT8, purchase from a dealership. I purchased the 2009 SRT8 6 speed from a Kia/Mazda dealership in California. Long story short, the car engine blew (I was not given details on what actually happened other than knocking) as we drove...
  2. Borla ATAK Vs. SLP Loudmouth I Catback Systems

    Intake & Exhaust
    I've been trying to pull the trigger on a new catback exhaust system for my Challenger 6-speed 6.1 SRT8 for a few months now. In person I've heard: Zoomers and Borla ATAK on R/Ts, and Corsa Extreme on a 6.1. Zoomers sounded too tame, loved the rumble though. Corsa sounded too quiet at idle in my...