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  1. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I want to add the stripes in the photo attached. Anyone have an idea on what a reasonable price is for that?
  2. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    I just purchased a new 2020 Dodge challenger GT in Torred Red. I've looked at a lot of stripe options but the majority of the options are designed to pay tribute to the R/T, SRT, Demon and Hellcat versions of the Challenger and I don't want to be one of those fools who puts Hellcat or SRT...
  3. 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT 392

    No longer a Pitch Black SRT 392 ... recleared with a tinted clear coat. Went with a purple/black theme ..... can you see what was changed? PCP brake calipers, single striped spoke, hand-painted "392" fender badges.
  4. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    We have the patterns for almost any of our stripe kits to be cut for your Demon, Hellcat Redeye or Hellcat Widebody, and the new 2019 RT Scat Widebody. Please email us at [email protected] with your specific request. We do not have them listed on our website yet, but have the patterns ready...
  5. Bolt On's
    Was trying to come up with something more than just a bolt on paint matched strut brace. A plain white Petty brace just looked kind of boring. Striped and pinstriped to match.
  6. Vendor Deals
    10% Off 2015 Holiday/Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale starts NOW!!! Place your order on our website and enter Holiday2015 in the notes to seller section or email us at [email protected] and ask for the offer. You MUST enter the code in the notes or email us within 8...
  7. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hello everyone, Just purchased a 2014 billet silver r/t. Got it with a little under 3k miles on it for much less than a 2015 and it's basically new, I absolutely love it! Anyway to my question, Is a split hood stripe and the r/t whisker stripe too much? If so which do you guys think looks...
  8. SRT Hellcat 6.2L Supercharged (2015 - )
    I didn't like the Hellcat billboard stripes I've seen, so I made up a quick concept and wanted to run it by the forum. Thoughts? Suggestions? Still not sure if I want to put any stripes on at all, but I've always loved billboards, and I think the new Challengers look more like Cuda's anyway...
  9. 2015 to Current R/T Scat Pack 392
    Got my new wheels and stripes installed Wheels are Torq Thrust M Chrome from Tires are Continental ExtremeContact DW, and they totally grip better than the ones that came stock front 8.5"x20" 245/40 Rear 10"x20" 275/40
  10. Detailing / Car Care
    I have a 2009 Challenger RT in Hemi Orange. I saw a post about trying blue rather than the traditional matte black for the detailing. I saw one example...yuck. I'd like to see an example of True Blue or Metallic Blue rather than the matte example. Any suggestions for a easy app that I can...
  11. General Challenger Discussion
    I'm looking for pictures of Challengers with dual rally stripes (bumper to bumper). I'm trying to decide on a color combo. I'm going to do two main stripes with three accent stripes. Black & Orange or Black & Blue is what I'm leaning towards.
  12. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Has anyone seen this rodtana style stripe kit on a real car, not just an illustration? I like the pic, but wonder if it will translate over into the real world. Looks like you can buy it here - link
  13. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hey all, Total newbie here on the forum and still learning the basics about specs and such... I need some advice... We had a silver 2010 silver SE and we added some awesome black stripes. But then hubby and I got the itch for more power. Well, I'll admit that was mainly hubby in the beginning...
  14. General Challenger Discussion
    While I am anxiously awaiting for my new Challenger to arrive from Brampton, I want to try and design some custom stripes for it. I have my own 30" vinyl cutter and the necessary rolls of vinyl and software that I use for my vintage military aircraft graphics business. What I can't seem to find...
  15. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hi guys, this is my first post on this forum. I am very excited to have just brought a 2014 red R/T classic. I would like to further stripe the car, and would really appreciate the challenger communities' ideas on patterns. I really like the rally stripes (hood, roof, rear) and I have a kit for...
  16. General Challenger Discussion
    got my stripes done what do you think
  17. General Challenger Discussion
    Ok I know I've asked about other stripes before but now I've got it narrowed down to two. I have a 2013 pitch black sxt I'm going to put a double stripe kit down the sides of the car. I can't decide on red or lime green stripes. What do you think?
1-17 of 23 Results