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  1. Rear Spoiler part #6QW33RXFAD

    General Challenger Discussion
    I have a challenger 18 SXT. I was wondering if this will fit my car; it say it doesn’t but the 19 sxt, 18-19 gt fits it. Checked the holes and everything for my car and everything looks to line up with part number 6QW33RXFAD
  2. Getting rid of drone

    Intake & Exhaust
    Hey everybody, so I recently got installed some super 44s and reso delete. Love the sound it making now but when I hit highway speeds the drone is a little bothersome but still not so bad that I can’t drive it. So my question what can I do to quiet the drone? Got the 44s installed in the...
  3. Sxt 2012 buying help

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    Hi. Just joined the group. Looking at buying a 2012 white sxt challenger. Has 63000 miles on it. Was gonna check it out tomorrow. If everything looks good do you think it’s worth the buy? Asking for 14k, trying to bring down to 11- 12. Really could use the advice. Appreciate any help
  4. Stock Intake Interchangeable (kind of) 2011 to 2018

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    The mounting bracket on my stock intake assembly was broken off on my 2018 SXT. So I was looking for a replacement, and I really only needed the bottom half of the housing. Nuke had an assembly from his 2011 V6 that he sent me after noticing they looked the same except the lid. MOPAR lists the...
  5. Bought a 2015 Challenger SXT from auction with no keys

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hi everyone I bought a 2015 SXT from auction but indicates has no keys. Any recommendation on getting a new pair of keys? I would like to start the process before the car arrives. Thank you very much
  6. Just bought 2018 SXT, should I upgrade to R/T??

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am new here, and new to muscle cars in general. I have always been obsessed since I was a little kid but just recently was able to afford one, and have a few questions that I hope I can get answered before my trade-in time is up. I bought a 2018 Challenger SXT, and I have 3...
  7. 2016 SXT 14 mpg! Is there anything technically wrong in the car?

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hi all, I recently got an SXT with 20K miles on it. I drove it from MA to IL with no problem while it gave me 26 mpg! recently it shows me a crazy number of 14 I am a bit worried if anything went wrong in the engine! I barely use it for long distances (like never on the highway). Just get behind...
  8. Pedal Commander issue

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hi guys. Recently installed the pedal commander to my 2019 SXT Plus. Works well but sometimes the engine management light comes on and the battery symbol will flash. Anyone had the same problem? Or know what’s happening?
  9. 2019 Challenger SXT LAUNCH CONTROL HELP

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Before hand I had a 2018 SXT that had paddle shifts behind the steering wheel for Launch control. My 2019 however doesn’t have them. Does it have a launch control? If so, how do I find it? Thank you in advance. ??
  10. FOR SALE: F/S: 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT Excellent Condition w/ many extras (Oxnard, CA 93030)

    Vehicles For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Hi all, Selling my 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT. I am the original owner and purchased it in May 2014 new from Crown Dodge in Ventura, CA. Excellent condition in/out, 72k miles and runs fantastic. I'm located in Oxnard (Ventura County, CA 93030). The car has the following extras installed: -...
  11. Rear differential upgrade

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    So i have the basic 2017 SXT. Im interested in changing out my rear differential gears to the ones for an SXT Plus. I want that little extra kick from the line without doing a ton of upgrades that i cant afford right now. Going from the 2.62 to the 3.09. Is it just a simple swap of the gears or...
  12. SXT + Brake Upgrades

    2015 to Current SXT & SXT Plus
    I have a 2016 SXT Plus with 65k miles on it. OE brakes are doing fine, but I imagine I'll need to replace the pads soon, and when I get that done, I'm thinking of also replacing the rotors with "upgraded" ones. Here's a few questions I have: 1. Was thinking about slotted and/or drilled...
  13. 2018 SXT 180 Thermostat

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    I have been doing a little research but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Does anyone know if there is a 180 Degree Thermostat that is compatible with the SXT V6? I believe the stock is 195-200 degree.
  14. 2017 Dodge Challenger SXT 3.6L Straight Pipe/Glass Packs v Cat-back system

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    I have been wanting a louder and more aggressive sound from my challenger. I’m not trying to make it sound like a V8 but I want something that sounds better on start up, idle, and driving by. I have three ideas in mind: 1. Doing straight pipes from the cats to exhaust tips 2. Straight piping the...
  15. 2013 sxt mods

    New Member Introductions
    hi there.. i own a 2013 SXT... i really want to start throwing some mods into it but i here a lot about how some mods dont make a difference and that you have to unlock the pc to actually see gains. i current have a K&N intake, Carven exhaust and a pedal commander. im stuck not knowing which...
  16. Dashboard Stickiness

    Detailing / Car Care
    Hello Everyone, I just picked up my indigo blue 2018 SXT on Saturday and am loving the car. One of the things the surprised me was how sticky the dashboard was, how it felt like rubber more than plastic. Is there a way to keep the dashboard feeling that same tackiness and not letting...
  17. My Best 0 to 60 time - 5.2 secs. Anyone else run mid to low 5 sec times?

    2015 to Current SXT & SXT Plus
    I haven't been on the forum in a long time and decided to stop back to check on SXT 0 to 60 times - And it seems like most folks are running low 6's or high 5's... Over the years, since adding a Mopar CAI and a Solo MACH-XV-V6-CH Catback Exhaust, I've worked my way down from high 5's to mid to...
  18. Visual Mods

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    So looking around the forum I see lots of ideas about how to mod our cars to get a better than stock look. The two most common things i saw was a front splitter and a trunk lip. What model's front splitter would look best in your opinion? And in terms of trunk lip, which model's would look best...
  19. New Strange Noise with Only 4,000 Miles

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    It almost sounds like a bad power steering pump, but I know the car has electric steering. Could someone listen to this recording and give their opinion. I would also like to know if anyone else's SXT sounds like a diesel on a cold start. I had a previous post about an idling issue and the...
  20. Required Parts for Getrag Swap - 2011-2014 SXT

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    I decided to put this quick post together after completing a Getrag swap on my car recently. While researching the parts that would be needed I found that the information is very sparse and spread out among several different forums. Not only that but most of the information pertains to RTs and...