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  1. Dodge Challenger T/A (2017+)
    I'm wanting to swap out my 2017 T/A hood with like an older T/A hood with the big scoop. Or a demon hood like this.. Has anyone done this to their T/A? How did yall go about with the hood duct connection...
  2. Exterior Discussion / Modifications
    Hey just wanted to know what yall thought about your T/A grille style. Stick with stock? I took the custom grille from my SXT, wanted to put on a newer challenger. Then I got the T/A, but I dig the way it already looks I think. I may just sell the grille. What yall think? 2014 SXT T/A
  3. 20210410_215551.jpg

    2020 T/A 392 GOLD RUSH
  4. Dodge Challenger T/A (2017+)
    Look for some T/A 392 mods
1-4 of 6 Results