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  1. FOR SALE: Challenger/Charger Aftermarket items

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Parts off my 2016 Charger R/T. 1. Scat Pack Axles $200 - 28k miles / No shipping 2. 2.62 ZF open differential $best offer removed at 30k miles No shipping Everything is located in Lorton/Fort Belvoir, VA.
  2. 2018 R/T 7.0 UConnect Track Mode Not Working

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hey guys, I am having a problem with my tazer on my 2018 Challenger R/T (Non Scat Pack) regarding track mode and was wondering if anyone has any advice, or has run into this. To start, I have the 7 inch UConnect, but I was told by ZAuto that Track mode still functions on my model as long as it...
  3. 4.1 0-60 Scat Pack / Launching Help

    Track Talk
    So my following mods for my 2016 scat pack shaker 8 speed are an 87mm throttle body, hellcat inlet, R2C air filter, BMR lower trailing arms, Pettys garage front strut tower bar and rear static tower X bar, a differential brace, catch can, 275 Nitto 555 G2 in the front and 555R in the rear also...
  4. FOR SALE: Tazer

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Tazer for 2015-2016 Challenger $200 Orlando Area