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  1. 2010 R/T TCM problem

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    I have a 2010 Challenger left the car sitting for about a month was perfectly fine before i left when i came back after the month CEL came on and ESP came on cannot get out of first or rpm past 2500 plugged a scanner it said TCM malfunction baught a new TCM and it still does not work I...
  2. 15', 16' Challenger SRT Transmission Computer Update Out Today!

    Forum Threads
    Just got home from my nearby Dodge Dealership. I have been having issues, especially at low speed getting in and out of 2nd gear on my 16' SRT. I looked through the Forums and saw other people had this issue. Apparently today 8/23/17 a new update for the TCM computer came out. I thought there...
  3. TCM issues?

    General Challenger Discussion
    Ok so I recently got a custom dyno tune and ever since my transmission has been acting up. When doing a moderate acceleration in 3rd and 4th it slips and dosnt want to grab. It isn't always but its still there. Then the other day I disabled the traction control through my tuner and while driving...
  4. MDS Disable-Eliminate

    Hi, Just a thought-this can probably only be answered by techs an engineers but I will ask anyway. Does anyone know if a PCM from a manual equipped Dodge Challenger can be swapped in to an automatic equipped Dodge Challenger and as a result eliminate the MDS system? Automatics have a seperate...