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  1. General Challenger Discussion
    Is there any way to reduce or eliminate the fuel injector ticking on the 5.7 hemi in the 2019 challenger? I love the sound of this car except the loud injectors ticking away when I'm driving the car. I can hear them inside the car especially when the engine is revving in the 2000+ range. I've...
  2. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hey guys, Finally finished my rebuild and so far the car is running great. Working on tuning it with HemiTuner. As of right now I only have one small concern. Noticed on the top end I have a slight tapping/ticking noise on the passenger side. Basically everything was replaced. Non MDS lifters...
  3. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Recently there is a ticking noise from right side of my 2011 Challenger Pentastar 3.6L. I think need to change rocker arm but I'm not sure should I replace lifter as well or not?
  4. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hi all, I recently bought a new challenger Sxt Plus with the Sport package. Around 900 miles there came a slight ticking sound while driving that went away, but now at 1360 miles, it has come back, but louder. When the car is reved in neutral, there is no abnormal noise. However...
1-4 of 4 Results