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  1. Low end torque in an R/T?

    Performance Modifications
    I have been reading a lot of threads talking about the differences between R/Ts and SRTs and it almost always comes down to the torque curves. Now my question is is there anyway to get an R/T to produce the same amount of torque at similar RPMs as the SRT? What mods would be required? I was...
  2. Amerian Racing Torque Thrust M Wheels

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Hi, I have a question regarding American Racing Torque Thrust M Wheels with the black center and machined lip. I submitted a request to which is where the American Racing website redirects too, in order to ask if the wheels are clear coated. The response I got back was that all...
  3. Installation torque settings

    General Challenger Discussion
    Hey lads and ladies, I was wondering if someone could tell me where I can find all the specific installation torque settings for all the bolts on items such as flywheel, clutch, bellhousing etc be found on the internet? I have had a bit of a quick search but only keep returning results...