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  1. Track weekend at Michelin Road Atlanta Raceway

    Road Course / Autocross
    Over the last year I have been getting into road course events with my challenger. My local track is Michelin Road Atlanta Raceway. I enjoy the hell out of it. It is a weekend full of adrenaline. I finally compiled my video from my last weekend HPDE on 6/15-6/16. Below is one of my runs during...
  2. 2018 R/T 7.0 UConnect Track Mode Not Working

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hey guys, I am having a problem with my tazer on my 2018 Challenger R/T (Non Scat Pack) regarding track mode and was wondering if anyone has any advice, or has run into this. To start, I have the 7 inch UConnect, but I was told by ZAuto that Track mode still functions on my model as long as it...
  3. 2016 SXT Challenger Super Track Pack

    General Challenger Discussion
    I just purchased a new plum crazy 2016 SXT Plus with the Blacktop package. It is a dealer trade so I won't see the car till the end of the week. I can't wait! After purchasing this car I started pouring over pictures of other SXT Challengers. I noticed some had a lower stance that looked...
  4. Any picture of Challenger 2015 SXT PLUS - Track Pak - Redline red?

    Picture/Media/Art Post
    Hi everybody! I just ordered a Challenger 2015 SXT PLUS with STP (Super Track Pak) in REDLINE RED to Switzerland! (You cannot imagine how much I have to pay to bring it here!!! :huh: ) I tried to find a picture of the same car I ordered, but I only find many redline red SXT without the Super...
  5. WHITELINE Flatout Suspension Components on Sale at Ohio-Speed Free s/h!

    Ohio Speed
    Ohio-Speed has great pricing on Whiteline Flatout Suspension Parts all with FREE S/H! Whiteline boasts a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer of replacement, enhancement and performance suspension components that deliver significant gains in vehicle balance, steering precision, grip...
  6. RAZORS EDGE Suspension Parts on Sale at Ohio-Speed Free s/h!

    Ohio Speed
    Ohio-Speed is proud to announce we are adding the Razors Edge Suspension Line to our I WISH IT WAS SPRING SALE! Great pricing plus FREE S/H! Razors Edge Front Adjustable Sway Bar Links 306-5016 (shown) Razors Edge Rear Adjustable Control Arms 306-UCAR Razors Edge Standard 2 Point Rear Strut...
  7. HOTCHKIS Suspension Parts on Sale at Ohio-Speed Free s/h!

    Ohio Speed
    Ohio-Speed is having a I WISH IT WAS SPRING SALE on all Hotchkis Suspension products! Let us get you a great price on the suspension part you need. 2011 2013 Dodge Challenger RT Hotchkis Stage 1 TVS Kit with Rear Shocks 80120-1RS (shown) 2011 2014 Dodge Challenger SRT-8/RT Hotchkis Sport Coil...
  8. Megan Coilovers on Sale at Ohio-Speed Free s/h!

    Ohio Speed
    Ohio-Speed is having their i wish it was spring sale on the Megan Coilovers. 2008 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 6.1L Megan Street Series Coilovers MR-CDK-DC06 2011 2013 Dodge Challenger SXT/SE/RT/SRT-8 Megan Street Series Coilovers MR-CDK-DC11 Megan Racing Coil-Over Dampers are the ultimate...
  9. First time at the track with the new Diablo tune!

    6.4L / 392ci (2011 - ?)
    Went to a car show tonight and then on over to the drag strip afterwards. Last time I went my best time was either a 13.06 or 13.02 at 110 (I can't remember if I ran the 13.02 last time or a diff time before that) either way I have never been under 13. Since my last trip, I put 315/35-20 nitto...