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transmission issues

  1. Drivetrain
    Good day all! New to the forums here and this site is amazing! So I purchase a used 2015 Challenger R/T Plus 6spd. I was driving home after the purchase and I when from 4th to 5th just to grind reverse and the backup camera came on in the screen. I figure that since I haven't been driving...
  2. Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hello all, I have 2016 ScatPack Shaker that apparently has been leaking from the passenger roof seam for many months and I just recently realized it. I noticed there was a mildew smell a long time ago but just thought I needed to replace the AC filter. I asked to do so at last oil change the guy...
  3. General Challenger Discussion
    so my 2012 3.6l dodge challenger ralleye redline with only 17,198 freeway miles has been having transmission issues where on the deceleration it clunks gears due to hard shifting in normal auto mode. it has done it a few times around 6 times and its a hard jolt when it does do that. so i called...