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  1. 2015 Alpine Sound Group II TSB

    Car Electronics- Lights, Fuses, Audio & Video
    I purchased a 15 Scat Pack about 6 months ago and I have the Sound group II option on it. I have never been that impressed with the sound system and I have always noticed that changing the tuning (bass, treble or mid) causes the system to sound louder. I found a TSB on this forum for that...
  2. TSB 08-061-13 vs Radio Update 50.00.07

    Technical Service Bulletins & Recalls
    Does anyone know of these are the same thing? The TSB 08-061-13 is for 2013 RBZ and RHB radios. The TSB says if the radio version isn't 50.00.07, then get a CD disk, PN 68233625AA, and let it update the radio. I downloaded the 50.00.07 ISO file but I've never used it. I'm wondering if I should...