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  1. 2014 R/T - run over

    2014 R/T - run over

    My 10yr old daughter took this one - I like it for the "about to be run over" look/
  2. 2014 R/T - late afternoon

    2014 R/T - late afternoon

    Late afternoon shot.
  3. 2014 R/T

    2014 R/T

    The beauty shot...but isn't any shot of a Challenger a beauty shot?
  4. 2014 R/T - bonnet

    2014 R/T - bonnet

    Another artsy reflection shot.
  5. 2014 R/T - boot lid

    2014 R/T - boot lid

    Artsy reflection shot - I love the way the Granite Crystal changes throughout the daytime lighting.
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello everybody! I wanted to introduce myself since I'm the proud new owner of a '14 R/T. She's an auto (a car accident before Thanksgiving last year left me with a broken pelvis) and is going to be the last car I ever buy. I fell in love with the Challenger when I first saw the concept for the...