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  1. Forced Induction
    I purchased a 2012 challenger 392 with a magnacharger on it , the car ran great until the fan stopped working , I believe it lost its tune , I got a baseline tune from holley but I am wondering if anyone on here would be able to point me where I can get an email base tune for this car , I am...
  2. Tuning/Data
    Hello all, Long-time lurker here, first time posting. Done quite a bit of searching but cannot find any answers to a couple of specific questions I have regarding AlfaOBD: I used to own a 2019 RAM, and using Alfa on that platform is pretty simple as far as enabling/disabling features. My new...
  3. Tuning/Data
    I have been debating on getting myself a chip for my 2010 SRT8. Is there anything as a newbie should know prior to investing in one? I don’t really understand the different stages either.
  4. Tuning/Data
    I just installed my unlocked PCM from diablo yesterday night and went straight to upload the 91 Octane Tune, data logged, and saw a lot of LT Knock (Max 1 Degree) when driving normally for about a few minutes then no more after that. Did a WOT pull and had 3 instances of ST Knock max up to 1.5...
  5. General Challenger Discussion
    I’ve had a 5.7 Hemi and 6.4 Hemi, both with MDS, I’ve extensively modded both and I have never understood why people always seem to want an MDS delete or to do away with it. It saves gas, depending how you drive it can be 1-3mpg better. When it’s activated, it’s hardly noticeable and the noise...
  6. Tuning/Data
    Hey Guys, I installed a TSP Stage 3 Boost Cam into my R/T. I plan on writing my own start up for this cam(223/232 duration, .582/.582 lift, 115 LSA, 3degree advance and 112 ICL. Ive installed a Phaser Lockout as well. Anyone have any insight on how to tune for a locked phaser? Disable Exhaust...
  7. Tuning/Data
    I have a 2016 Challenger R/T and wanted to look into HpTuners but don’t know what I have to buy. I know they offer a PCM modifier but heard you need to swap out the PCM completely. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Tuning/Data
    I have been looking at a few different tuning options and so far DiabloSport and HP Tuners are the ones that majorly stuck out to me. I have a 2015 Challenger R/T 8 Speed Automatic and plan to do extensive modifications to it over time (headers, camshaft, supercharger, and etc.), I am currently...
  9. Performance Modifications
    Anybody have any idea of who are some of the best at tuning hemi's in Alabama?
  10. Bolt On's
    Tomorrow we are performing the first ever cam swap on a Hemi engine in Greece. As this is my first time doing this, I am looking for any advice on how to tune correctly after install, or any advice on paying attention to what could go wrong. Stu from inertia will be providing an email startup...
  11. Mid-West
    Bought an 09 Challenger SRT8 a couple of months ago...has a SMS Supercharger, predator tuner, and headers. Not having any problems with the car but i'm new to computer tuned muscle. I'm looking for someone in my area that has a dyno and/or knows how to tune this type of combo.
  12. General Challenger Discussion According to their Facebook page they can now tune 2011+ cars, and even brought along a sick Challenger! The post says that this has 1,000HP! - image uploaded by @DiabloSport
1-12 of 15 Results