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  1. Vibration

    Dodge Challenger SE/SXT Specific
    My steering wheel vibrates.It gets worse above 60 MPH.Dealer says that's how the 6's are.Took me for a ride in a brand new 17,same thing but,even worse.Hard to believe that's the way a 30K car is and there is nothing I can do about it.I want to get rid of it but,I can't afford the 10K hit I'd...
  2. Rear End Vibration

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Hello all, I don't post a lot (life keeps me busy), but I lurk a lot. I thought I'd come to you guys with a question that's plaguing me. A few weeks back, pulling out of the garage, I heard the loudest bang I've ever heard come from a car that was not in an accident. I stopped immediately and...
  3. Cam Mod Question!!

    Performance Modifications
    Hi y'all. New Chally R/T owner. I have one question. I plan on doing the basic mods that every challenger needs, intake, 180 thermostat, oil catch, headers, exhaust, tuner. But I also want to do a cam swap. Either from an srt or the highly recommended comp cam. I want this car to be a beast. But...