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  1. General Challenger Discussion
    New to here and new to cars in general.So my water pump went out I want to upgrade parts as stuff goes out and eventually put a RIPP in there what would be the best option for a upgraded waterpump?
  2. Challenger Issues & Problems
    I'm here because my SRT 392 with less than 50,000 miles blew the water pump. It was pouring out the bottom with the engine off. I heard something rattleing 2 days ago 06/06/20 and then today 06/08/20 it blew while idling in the drive way. Luckily, a new one is $106 at Oriellys and it comes with...
  3. General Challenger Discussion
    Hello I've recently purchased a 2012 sxt challenger with 119k miles. On the drive home I spun out and a branch punctured my radiator hose under the car. I didn't realize the damage until a week later after having my mufflers deleted. My car overheated on the same day as the muffler delete. Took...
  4. Performance Modifications
    looking to buy really good aftermarket water pump for my 2009 dodge challenger rt 5.7 litre oem water pumps are not available till middle of july at the earliest,... where is best to order from online????
1-4 of 4 Results