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  1. Detailing / Car Care
    I purchased my car last July in the dead summer. At that time I used Turtle wax ICE liquid wax to put a temporary coat on the front, top and rear of the car (until it cooled off a bit). During Thanksgiving vacation I did a full clay bar and two step sealant process. It turned out nothing short...
  2. General Challenger Discussion
    My little cousins baseball team is having a car wash to help them get a spot to play in the state tournament or what ever. I want to know what you guys think about taking my car there? He told me to "please please take your Challenger there so I can show my friends your cool car." But I know...
  3. Detailing / Car Care
    Hey everyone, just bought a brand new 2013 black challenger, never had a car worth maintaining the paint on so I am going to be detailing, polishing, waxing this thing myself the first time in my life... The car is ALWAYS outside in California weather, frequently cold to where the car has ice on...
1-7 of 7 Results