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  1. 09 R/T, Installed Dash and Nothing Works!

    Challenger Issues & Problems
    Have been fixing my 09 R/T that has blown airbags. Dash destroyed of course so I found a donor car and removed the dash from both. Swapped the donor car airbags and complete dash pad. Used my same dash frame and wiring harness. Due to work, weather and working outside and waiting on extra hands...
  2. 09 R/T dash install ... what is this plug?

    Dodge Challenger R/T Specific
    2009 R/T dash .. Ok so this is my first time ever pulling a dash, i yanked it a month or so ago in order to change airbags and re-skin it. Was intending on putting it back in the same weekend but life happens and a month later i get it back in and now i'm looking at a pair of plugs and can't for...