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  1. 25% off Zoomers Cat Back Exhaust 11/20-12/31

    Now through 12/31 we are offering 25% off the price of all Zoomers Exhaust products. To get the discounted prices please use code TS-ZM25-17 at checkout for savings To shop all Zoomers products: Zoomers Exhaust If you prefer to order via phone, call us toll free 888-SPD-LOGX
  2. Zoomers Catback Vs. SLP Loudmouth II

    Intake & Exhaust
    I own a 2009 6.1 SRT8 with a 6-speed manual gearbox, I've been in the market for exhaust systems for a while now, and I'm about to pull the trigger on the Zoomers. At a Cars and Coffee earlier today, some fellow Challenger owners gave me a listen to their exhaust notes, one guy had a manual R/T...
  3. WTT: Trade my Corsa Xtreme for your Zoomers?

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Anyone in the D/FW area unhappy with the loudness of their Zoomers? I got a Corsa extreme and I think it is too quiet and I'm looking for a local swap. The Corsa has about 5K miles on it and is in great condition. This is for a 6.4 liter SRT8 M6. Looks great... no drone inside while cruising...
  4. FOR SALE: 09-14 5.7L Speedlogix (Zoomers)

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    SOLD - 09-14 5.7L Speedlogix (Zoomers) I'm trading my R/T in for an SRT. I purchased this Speedlogix/Zoomers exhaust from a member here about two years ago. I've put about 20K miles on the set. I believe it had 20-25K on it before I bought it so figure the total around 40K miles. The set is...
  5. FOR SALE: Zoomers 3" cat back exhaust

    Parts For Sale/Wanted/Trade
    Zoomers 3" cat back exhaust for 2011-2014 challenger srt 392. Polished mufflers and stainless zoomers exhaust tips. The tips are specially designed to eliminate flutter. Kit is 9 months old and has approximately 4500 miles on them. Garage kept adult driven. Kit cost me $1600 new willing to sell...
  6. Zoomers Exhaust Issue

    General Challenger Discussion
    I've had Zoomers on for about 8 months. Three months ago I heard the most insane rattling noise and found the weld had completely melted off one of the bars in the pic below. I pulled it off and everything was fine until yesterday when I started hearing the noise again. Looks like one end of...
  7. Zoomers Exhaust 2.25" Pipes Compatibility

    Intake & Exhaust
    Hello, I had a question in regards to the Zoomers exhaust pipe diameter. I just bought a 2014 R/T and have gathered that the best exhaust (for true muscle car sound) is Zoomers. I have seen their catback system on Speedlogix for a reasonable price at $999 (ridiculous what catbacks go for...
  8. Zoomers

    Intake & Exhaust
    I just got a SRT8 a couple of days ago, and LOVE it !!! I am thinking about getting a Zoomers exhaust. From the You Tube videos, it sounds AWESOME. Is this the Exhaust of choice nowadays? Where can I get this exhaust, as well as have it installed? Also, does Washington State have any...
  9. Fresh 2011 R/T...where do we go from here?

    Performance Modifications
    I bought a 2011 white RT manual a couple years ago and put a Zoomers exhaust on right away. I then moved and now have gotten settled in, its time to get back to some fun. What is everyone's opinion on what I should do next? I'm planning on keeping this car forever, so I plan to make 1 or 2...
  10. srt8 with Zoomers Cat-back drifting!!

    Performance Modifications
    Here some video of me when drifting with my srt8 (Zoomers Cat-back & Catless mid pipes)