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Hey Guys, Jim from the Hemi Shop @ Westbury Jeep. Your 5 star blah blah blah.

Home of AJ the Hemituner ®

I have put together a package for the that has really taken off well. Becoming more involved in this community, I have reduced the dealer price to a not so dealer price!

Package includes::​

(for 5.7L & 6.1L LC/LX)​

2. Mopar® EXHAUST SYSTEM by Corsa® (5.7 is by Borla®)

3. Low Temp Thermostat

4. Diablosport® PREDATOR Tuner

5.Billet Technology® Oil Catch Can
Westbury Jeep Retail Price 3295.00+tx .............

¤ON SALE FOR 2930.00+tx...INSTALLED ¤
Leave Vehicle for 1-2 Days for install..... First 5 FORUM MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE A FREE COURTESY CAR!......ah screw it.. first 10 will! Offer Valid for a limited time.

Already got one of the listed components? No problem. We can customize all kinds of packages for you from Iridium Spark Plugs to Strokers. ---AT THE DEALERSHIP!!
Call or email me to setup your day. We offer an exclusive experience in our location.

This is one of the best dealer-friendly packages you can get without voiding warranties and other nonsense as many people have experienced. So if you havent already caught up to everybody else.... LETS GET MOVIN!!
Seriously. do it., or else.
(or else, nothing

Talk to you Soon!

-Jim K
Hemi Shop Director
[email protected]

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I know the Mopar catback is a Corsa system stamped Mopar, does Mopar make the Xtreme version of the catback?
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