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08-14 tail lights on newer model challengers?

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I've seen a lot of people doing '15 plus Challenger light conversions on their older models but what about the other day around? Having had my first Challenger (2012 sxt) for a little over a year now, I've got the more power blues and I'm looking into a newer higher trimmed one, but I want the old taillight look on it. I feel like it's a huge part of the challengers look. Wiring is one think I don't want to think about yet, but would the old assembly fit into the newer ones? Do the '15 higher models middle part( the Dodge middle thing) screw off of the trunk from s hanging position like the old ones? Or do I need a older model rear facsia and trunk to make this even work? Would the older trunk lid even be the same fit as the newer ones? I originally thought I'd just try and find a 2014 srt but there's a disturbingly low amount of them for sale lol
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the parts will transfer over - but the surround trim won't fit correctly. a '14 and earlier rear bumper can be retrofitted

all the body parts (trunk / doors / hood) interchange back /forth among the years. the unknown is whether the newer IP cluster will work with the '08 - '14 tail light which uses incandescent bulbs. The newer cars have LED lighting for the tail lights. Different electrical load / resistance.

For example the turn signal flash rate is controlled by the IP cluster, not a blinker module / relay like older cars used to have

what you might be better off is getting an '11 - '14 SRT8 which has the 392. How have the greater power (470hp) and the earlier styling which you seem to prefer.
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