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Hi all. I’m new to the forum. Just wanted to share my build. I’ve owned my 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T (6 speed) since 09 but recently decided it was time to start the build that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

My goal is to build a 10 second quarter mile 6 speed car. So my parts list thus far includes a K1 Technologies forged stroker kit (393 CI - maintaining stock bore / K1 forged crank & K1 forged rods) w/forged Wiseco dished pistons. Keeping the CR around 9.5:1 for boost. On top I’ll have a Kenne Bell 2.8L Mammoth S/C. The cam will be swapped to a Texas Speed and Performance stage 4 boost cam with new valves and pushrods. In addition to this I’ll also be upgrading to Stainless Works LT headers w/ cat less mid pipes, cut outs, and 3” Magnaflow competition series exhaust system.
This initial portion of the build won’t get me in the 10s, at least I don’t anticipate. I’ll be running a 93 octane tune to start off. Eventually I’ll be doing a complete swap to e85.

For the rest of the car I’m planning on doing some upgrades to beef up the rear end including new half shafts, control arms, etc. For the street I’ll be running a 305/45/r18 Nitto NT05R with Konig Ampliform 18x10.5 on rear and 275/40/r20 Nitto NT05 and Konig Ampliform 20x10 on the front. Haven’t pulled the trigger on a strictly race setup yet. The car currently sits on BC Racing adjustable coil overs.

In addition to the performance side of the build I’m doing a few things to update the car. The front bumper cover is being replaced (and needed to be regardless) with a hellcat bumper. I haven’t decided on a hood but I’m liking the idea of a hellcat red eye hood painted flat black. I’m also converting the taillights to the 2014-present style.

Included is a pic of the car as it sits right now.

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