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I’m looking for some help or information on some possible routes I should go with my current setup (non daily) (strip/street) I just hit 45k miles (bought it at 33) and my 2nd gear synchros is shot and so is my clutch, Hoping my warranty is going to cover my tranny rebuild after reverting everything to stock and flashing it. I know the clutch is on me and I’m pretty set on the McLeod RXT 1000HP twin disk unless talked out of it. Not doing an aluminum flywheel as I hear the rpms drop like crazy and it’s not fun for the street guess I’ll stick with the oem flywheel unless there’s a better one out there besides lightened aluminum?

MY THOUGHTS: I’m looking at the HHP/BES port and polished heads intake manifold and cam kit. underdrive pulley or crankshaft pulley? I guess what I’m getting at is what order I should upgrade things in or is there a better route I can go also my limit for right now is between 7-10k that will come up overtime. 500rwp would be nice. Also I was looking at the OST dyno 60ft package which includes all BMR adjustable trailing arms camber arms toe arms and BMR solid cradle bushings do I need to get the 1 pc driveshaft Diff brace rear cradle lockout bushings differential bushings axles with this setup? Or is all of that overkill? Id like to add the power now and do the suspension stuff later. I feel like the stock setup will be fine with the little bit of power I would be getting but maybe I’m wrong
Hemifever stage 1 tune w/ Diablo tuner 91 octane
Kooks LT’s 1 7/8 w/ high flows (getting the catless mid pipes since you don’t want cats while running the WOT box)
Flowmaster outlaw catback 3”
[email protected] cai
BBK 90 mm throttle body
180 thermostat
N2MB wot box
Barton shifter
Eibach dampening kit
Eibach pro sport lowering springs
Eibach front and rear sway bars
BWoody sway bar end links
Speedlogix bump steer kit
Speedlogix rear strut bar
Billet front strut bar
New ECU @ 40k
New Spark plugs @ 40k
New o2 sensors @ 40k
New Coil packs when I hit 50k
McLeod RXT twin disk 1000HP clutch @ 45k
Tires @ 39k
Hellcat replicas 20x10 20x10.5
Nitto NT555 G2’s
Rear: 305/35/R20
Front: 275/30/R20
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