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With the posts showing the 11 has better handling and dull exhaust, I've been waiting for someone to post what can be done to make the 09/10 SE's handle like the new 11's.

Is it just new, aggressive sway bars?
Any word on who did the dual exhaust for the SE's?

I would like to upgrade the handling of my SE/G--does ok, but would like to make it better. Friend always claims that the car feals like it has alot of body lean from the passenger seat, even though you dont see it from outside. He is a Ferd Mustang fan, so that might be affecting his equilibrium.

Take Off Auto Parts has the SRT shocks/springs and roll bars, but I like the look of the Hotchkis RT Springs 19108.
Drop: RT Models - Front 1 7/16", Rear 11/16
Billtein shocks seemed to be a popular upgrade...
Hotchkis seems to have better front/rear sway bars than stock SRT.

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