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Thanks guys. While 550RWHP is far from a personal goal, it is about the limit of a stock long block. Sure I can toss 12 psi at it and get 600RWHP I have no desire to grenade this pig anytime soon. LOL I am being logical with myself.
Jeremy- Unless the ST cam will pass smog NO PROBLEM I am not even remotely interested. I spent years and thousands of dollars driving illegal Corvettes with big cams, motors, etc.... When it came to smog time it was always a huge headache. I can pull this car into a smog shop and pass with no issues today and that is a big sense of relief and the main reason I went this route. Would I like 700RWHP out of this car with a 426 sure, do I want to deal with the CA smog Nazi's, not in a million years. They broke me down lol.
Yeah,....we have strict emissions in MA as well. What a pain in the balls. Can't have no fun. lol
Good luck man!

I just noticed the Kenne Bell sitting atop your engine. You have a killer build. Any videos of your car?
Here's my build thread, I posted a couple videos in it:

Have you smoged your car with no problems yet? The CARB cert is a peace of mind for sure but I haven't put it to the test. My hope is the Cert. will get me to pass visual inspection and my tune will pass the emission portion.
I will get smoged this year. To my understanding the ST blower cam is smog compliant, in other words it will pass any sniff/emission test. Technically to pass smog it has to have the SC Manufactures tune and no alterations to the SC C.A.R.B approved kit.[/QUOTE]
Thanks for the link.
Yeah, true if you are running mods that are not emissions "friendly", it still could pass depending on how well the tune is? I was led to believe that is correct.
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