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10 srt8 1/8 mile time in the 9's?

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i have a 2010 srt8 6 speed and im running in the 9's in 1/8 mile ive tried launching it few different ways and what i can find online is these cars stock run a 8.5, i have cai, 275/45/20 yokahamo spec x tires on the rear , no mufflers or resonators after x pipe is 2.5 for exhaust(to get some back pressure(is thats whats hurting me?)).and a diablo tune.
whats yals time in the srt8 1/8 mile
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My 2010 srt auto 1/8 mile best was 8.74 @ 85 with a 2.01 60' thats with an intake and 91 canned tune on 245/45's
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