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2010 Challenger 6M- Brilliant Black, 426 stroker, Hellcat rear cradle, ZF 3.90 diff, DSS 1 piece
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I purchased my Challenger R/T 6M a decade ago, it has just over 78000 miles on the odometer now.
It looks quite departed from the day I brought it home from the dealership, and there are a few dings and scratches that occur on a driven car.
I almost traded for a newer model but couldn't bring myself to get rid of a car I have put so much time and made so many memories my wife and girls forbid it lol
The only gripe I had about my Challenger was the dated myGig730N sound & nav, it was functional but it looked like an Atari compared to my wife's 2017 Laramie 1500. I upgraded to an Alpine head unit with android auto, added some infinity speakers, amp, a sub and now it sounds much better and has some features it was lacking.
The performance aspect is a constant improvement, it's above the scat pack in power output but still lacks the 700+hp the hellcats make. I'm happy with 500 for now.

For those of you that still drive old body style (07-10) Challengers:
What do you still like about it?
What have you done to make it more modern?

my car then (09) and now:


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