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I'm located in Ashburn VA and have one from my 2012 SRT8 Auto. I'll see it for $100 bucks. PM me for pics if you're interested.

Yes - I am looking for the SRT exhaust system from the cat back, like you have. My understanding is that there is a difference between the SRT auto cat back and the SRT manual cat back, I am assume to help control drone better when in MDS. Any members that know for sure whether or not there is a difference - please feel free to chime in.

I plan to take the car on long trips with the wife, and significant drone would be unwelcome. She has a 300 SRT8 and we both like the sound - low rumble at idle and enough growl at full throttle.

I understand the 6 speed factory cat back may be more free flowing, and if that's all I can find, then I'll go with that. So, first option is '11 to '14 SRT auto cat back and second option is same year range 6 speed cat back.

Thanks for your post! I have looked locally (within 100 miles) in all the salvage yards and on Craigslist, but have come up empty. I was hoping someone would have one that was a low mileage take-off that they no longer wanted to store or wanted to get some cash for. Saw the one for free in the parts for sale section here on CT, and thought about making the 2200 mile drive to Cali - lol!

I realize it would be a pain in the a__ for the seller to box and ship this thing, but I would happily compensate you for both the exhaust and your troubles. I'm heading to the Mopar Nats in Columbus this weekend - perhaps I'll get lucky there!

If nothing comes up, then I'll probably spend the money for an MBRP cat back - hate to do that though...
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