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So awhile back I put a Whipple on the car and got it tuned by a excellent tuner in Tacoma WA. Well it blew an 8 inch hole in the side of the block. DEAD>>>>

Now I have built a new motor and got it to start but won't idle, but runs if i give it some throttle. I have added a few extra parts to the new motor and i am waiting for my tuner to get back to me with a tune that will at least make it drive-able so that I can drive the 90 miles to his shop for a full dyno tune.

Short block by BES Racing in Indiana, forged rotating assy, 9.5/1 comp, MDS delete, Comp cams 270, Cam phaser limiter, 6% O.D. ATI dampener, Heads shaved 0.005 and lite blending of the runners, 0.040 Thick Head gasket, ATI flex plate, Pro-torque 2800 stall converter, SHR War viking NAG1 transmission, Hemituner custom TCM, API comp fuel pump.

I was wondering if anybody has a similar setup that might be willing to help me get it drive-able so I don't have to flat bed it 90 miles.
If not, no big deal.

Car is tuned with HP tuning.
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