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2020 Challenger 1320
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Hopefully this will help some other 1320 owners not have to go through trial and error.

I've been getting out on the Mexican backroads and checking out the car's performance using the built in 1/4 mile timer. There a bunch of different performance timers available in the EVIC and the performance pages.

My understanding is that 1320s use the older Dodge performance pages, not the SRT pages that every other new Scat Pack has. There's a PDF on the owner's site with a bunch of info, but my screen does not resemble what the PDF shows at all.

There's a camera icon that saves a screenshot and a save button that appears to do the same thing. I kept getting a "no media" error. I have a 256GB flash drive, formatted as NTFS, with about 64GB of MP3 tracks on it plugged in that plays fine. Through trial and error I found that having a FAT32 formatted drive works. It saves .BMP files that are about 3MB each. It's a straight screenshot, not the cool timeslip looking pic like the SRT pages.

If I click save there's a choice of USB or Uconnect. Clicking Uconnect acts like it works, but I don't see the file anywhere. There are performance reports on Dodge owner, but these don't show up there. It looks like this is an SRT pages feature.

During the course of all this monkeying around it lost my best run info.:rolleyes:

I do have a cellphone pic though.

Here's what the screenshot looks like:

This site won't accept .BMP, so converted to .JPG.

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I agree, cool feature. And yeah, saves a 3MB bmp file that jpgs at under 100KB
Here is one of mine when playing after I first got it.
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