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1968 Dart GTS - $2500

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The buyer would basically be paying $2500 for a VIN, as the car will require a fair amount of cancer removal (I like how they used the picture of the rotting rear quarter near the front spring perch location covered by cracking bondo twice in the ad). Additionally, none of the original redeeming attributes of the car are still there (where's the 340??).

Yeah, it can be saved, but for a 340 car it would be a labor of love, there would be no "making money" on resurrecting this old warrior. I generally don't shy away from recovery projects, but the buyer would have to really want a red 340 GTS. Now if this was originally a 383 car, and it still had the rare 383 A-body block with the model-specific driver's side mounting ears, K-member and exhaust manifolds, then this would be a steal.

If someone wants to continue on the path of restomod, then it might be worth slightly more than half of his "buy it now" price.

My personal opinion, but we all know what opinions are like.................
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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