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1st catch can check up

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Installed the billet technology catch can before the road trip to San Diego. I used the standard attachment to the stud from the water pump to mount it. Makes for a straight shot for both hoses to the catch can, but makes for a little effort to remove the bottom of the catch can. No hill for a climber. I like the looks of this mount compared to the Z mount the has the catch can standing up in front of the right hand cylinder head.

Here's what was in the catch can after 840 miles with 644 miles of it freeway 75 mph @ 2300 rpm, the remaining 200 miles of town driving. With the can bottom sitting upright there was about 1/16" of oil in the can. Now I have a gauge as to how far and what type of driving results in this amount of oil. Looks like I'll to 1000 miles before removing the collected oil from now on. Here's a pic of the can bottom at a slight angle.

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