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Looking for a set of affordable 20" wheels. Also open to wheels and tires.
Like the looks of the alcoa style and the IE ones, but will consider anything that is NOT chrome or solid black. Black with accents would be OK. Just needs to be factory "style" nothing flashy.
Open to OEM or aftermarket factory style rims. For reference the factory repro ones are $792 shipped for a new set of 4 so want something under that price, or under about $1250 with tires. Thats for OEM, or significantly under that for used aftermarket.
In Birmingham Alabama so can meet if you are close.

I AM open to OEM wheels with good Low milage tires up to about $1500 shipped with sensors. Realized i wasnt going to get what i wanted for the original prices posted.
Still want to keep the wheels only under $900 shipped.
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