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2008 cuts out in 1st gear

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I recently Bought a 2008 SRT8 with 70k miles on it. The car runs great except for one thing. When im in 1st gear and i accelerate hard, getting the RPMs up between 4000 and 6200 the car will at times, literally die out, or completely hesitates for just a split second, and then before i can even get my foot off the gas pedal, it kicks back in and continues accelerating as it should.
To make this more of a mystery it only happens when im in a turn. Otherwise i have no problem dropping into 1st gear and ripping up to 6200 RPMs and shifting.
The best way i can describe it is it seems like the motor for a split second is not getting fuel. And again its only when i am in a turn.
Has anyone experienced this or have. Any idea what im dealing with?
Thank you.
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That's my suspicion that ESP might be kicking in especially WOT in 1st gear.

The 2008s have open differential so if one rear wheel or the other spins, ESP will cut timing or throttle to rein in back in.

also peak power is @ 6K - by 6.2K you might be hitting the rev limiter
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