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Well im selling my Challenger
As most of you know there were only 6400 Challengers built for 08
All of them were for the US, Except 500 built for Canada in Canada

I have for sale one of them in hemi Orange

The Car is absolutly mint.

Here's a link to my ad that goes into more details about the car

For more info please ask and if you are serious we can arrange shipping if nesessary

The 500's are the rarest new challengers yet and heres your chance to own one.

2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 500 - British Columbia Cars For Sale - Kijiji British Columbia Canada.

The cars located in vancouver, Canada

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Folks, a person's for sale thread is NOT the place to debate asking price. If you have feedback for the seller, send him a PM.

Off topic "price too high" comments have been removed. Please don't continue that line of commentary.
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