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2009 R/T Exhaust Suggestions

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Hey all, I’m hoping someone can help provide some suggestions for upgrading my exhaust system on my 2009 R/T automatic I recently bought. It’s not terrible around town but the drone on the highway is tough to get over. Anywhere from 65-85mph (basically all highway speed) there is pretty bad drone that I’d like to see go away. I’ve heard that this is caused by MDS and if you turn it off then it would be fine. Is there a drastic difference in fuel economy with MDS on or off? I’d like to have it available for when I make my trip to school that’s 11 hours away, while still getting decent fuel economy but if the difference is negligible then I can do without it. I’d like to stay in the ~$1k price range if that is realistic. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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I had a 2010 R/T. Find a used Diablo Predator to turn off MDS. I turned mine off at 42k and ran like that until trade in at 163k. Averaged 30 miles a tank less which is about 1.5 mpg. I installed a Flowmaster Force II cat back within the first month and it still sounded great 10 years later.
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