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I have been reading various different sections in here for the last couple of days. Read the entire Diablo tune sticky and could not find quite everything I needed to know. I did find some helpful recommendations I would have never known about had I not spent the time reading all I could. Great forum!

That being said I have the old Diablo Predator hand held unit. I will be upgrading soon to the new i1000 or Trinity but in the meantime I need to get my 2009 Challenger R/T running at its peak.

I have installed a 14436 Corsa Xtreme Cat-Back exhaust system, and BBK 85mm throttle body. I had a few issues after the TB install with stalling at idle and running rough, set the idle air control engine light too. I was running the 93 octane set up ( I run high test) and have since set it to the 93 CAI (I don't have a CAI), bumped the idle up 300 RPM across the board and set the throttle up to 15%. I did this all yesterday afternoon. It seemed to help and really woke the car up but I am sure there are other things I am missing. Also the temp here in GA is in the teens and just above freezing most days now. I plan on installing a BBK CAI and 180 thermostat in the coming weeks once the weather warms up again. Is there any other parameters I should tweek in the meantime?

What tuner do you recommend Diablo Trinity or i1000?

Thanks in advance!
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