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Excellent condition. I am only selling due to unfortunate circumstances in my personal life. Car has never been the track or informally. Garaged when not in use. Serious offers only please.

2009 stone white 22K miles
no body or paint damage
20 inch aluminum clad
85MM Arrington throttle body
180 jet t-stat
MOPAR strut tower brace
Air Filtration
gas hood struts
functional hood scoops
Billet Tech Catch can
All ram heads removed
-Billet Technology wheel centers MOPAR M flat black anodized
-Steering wheel ram head replaced with HEMI emblem
-Nose replaced with Billet Technology flat black anodized MOPAR M
Billet Technology console outlet replaced with flat black anodized HEMI insert
Billet Technology shift plate (old school challenger script)
Billet Technology old school 8 ball shift knob
Billet Technology HEMI visor disquisors
Billet Technology Old school challenger script dash plaque
Billet Technology Old school challenger script door sills
Billet Technology satin anodized beverage insert
Front grill challenger emblem replaced with old school challenger script
MBRP T304 quad tip exhaust,
windows tinted,
8 ball valve stem covers
Katzkin leather interior
Pioneer DVD/NAV/Bluetooth
Infiniti Q45 speakers
Interior up to front seats lined with dynamat

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34K$ OBO. Trying to figure out how to post pics.
Dont know if your aware but you can buy a brand new r/t for less than asking price.

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good luck with selling the car.

its your sale, but i have a small suggestion. you may have better luck selling the car without the mods and selling the parts on the forums. You may have trouble selling for your asking price otherwise.

this will allow you to lower your sale price and make some back on parts. just a suggestion.

if you go this route, i'll buy your throttle body ;)

good luck!

1,970 Posts may have better luck selling the car without the mods and selling the parts on the forums. You may have trouble selling for your asking price otherwise. This will allow you to lower your sale price and make some back on parts...
I would echo this suggestion. Below are the top two tips on selling a house from To me, these tips also apply when selling your car. Tip #2 directly addresses why it is usually better to return things to stock and sell your mods separately. Your mods make potential buyers think about the car being used and belonging to someone else. Putting it back close to stock lets buyers focus on the car and imagine their own potential mods onto the "blank" stock canvas. Otherwise you are narrowing your market down to buyers who like everything just the way you like things.

1. Disassociate Yourself With Your Home.
Say to yourself, "This is not my home; it is a house -- a product to be sold much like a box of cereal on the grocery store shelf.
Make the mental decision to "let go" of your emotions and focus on the fact that soon this house will no longer be yours.
Picture yourself handing over the keys and envelopes containing appliance warranties to the new owners!
Say goodbye to every room.
Don't look backwards -- look toward the future.

2. De-Personalize.
Pack up those personal photographs and family heirlooms. Buyers can't see past personal artifacts, and you don't want them to be distracted. You want buyers to imagine their own photos on the walls, and they can't do that if yours are there! You don't want to make any buyer ask, "I wonder what kind of people live in this home?" You want buyers to say, "I can see myself living here."

Good luck with your sale

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Good example of "car for sale" thread.

Note how they put the F/S at the very start of the title thread, so everyone knows the purpose of the thread. Then a nice short description of the car, including their asking price and an email address for potential buyers. Then some nice pix outside and then a 2nd post with inside pix.

You may not be aware, but you can modify your original post. I would modify that first post to add at least your asking price, rather than burying the asking price down in the thread. People may just read that first post, not see any price or pix, and move on.

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I"m one of those that look for modified cars when I'm shopping b/c I'd rather have someone else absorb that cost of those mods that they won't get when they are reselling. If I can get a car with stuff already done to it that I wanted to have done anyway, well.....I'm more interested in it... providing its priced lower than I could get it done for myself.
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