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****SOLD**** 2010 3.06 Getrag setup ****SOLD****

Getrag LSD from a 2010 SRT-8 Challenger that was wrecked at 3200 miles.
This thing is still like new.
$1400 + shipping
includes the 3.06 pumpkin,hubs and axles.

I know this is my first post here but dont let that scare you,I use the same name over at lxforums and can be found at ebay since 1999 with the user name F_The_Huskers (not a husker fan)

Save the shipping and pick it up in person in Omaha Nebraska but will need a little notice as it is still bolted in the cradle with the shocks,springs,sway bar and Brembo mounts still on it.
Brembos are listed at LXF but may end up keeping them.

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