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Hey Everyone,

Was looking for a little help and feedback as I've been trying to diagnose a problem for a friend and I am not reaching any real answers.

We live in Dubai so the weather gets hot - up to 50 degrees celcius over the summer.

He has owned his SRT challenger manual car for over a year and until recently not had issues with the oil and coolant temperatures.

If cruising and not revving, the coolant temp runs at 195 F. If you're in high revs and running, or pushing it, the temp goes up quickly past 225 / 230 F. It does however come down quite quickly again.

Not by me, but the radiator and water pump were both replaced a little under 9 months ago to rule out anything. So on first inspection I see there's no tstat and the flow is open. So I buy a tstat and put it in. Straight away within 5 minutes, the temps start climbing and climbing and fans are not getting it back down. I killed the engine and temp started going down. I removed the tstat and it continued as before.

What is causing the coolant to run so high? He said in the past it was never like that. Once that happened, a garage changed the radiator and the water pump but he's still having the same issues.

The coolant temp comes down pretty quick actually but it's guaranteed to rise and rise and rise the more you push the car.

The computer brings up no fault codes either.

There's also a very small misfire happening which started 3 weeks ago and that too shows no fault codes. Coils changed 15k kms ago and sparks changed 1 year ago (20k kms).

Should I bother buying a new coil and testing the engine one by one to see if that eliminates any for me?

Thanks in advance.

I've owned a 300C SRT8 before and loved it but one day hope to own a Challenger Hellcat :0

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