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Hello all, I have a 2010 Dodge Challenger that I believe is having electronic issues.

1) The car starts to experience performance issues (spits an sputters and sometimes loses all forward movement). I then get 3 dash warning lights at the exact same time (ABS, Electronic Stability Control Off and Electronic Stability Program Brake Assist System ESP BAS). Once these lights illuminate the performance issues go away and the car performs normally.

2) There are also times when I start the vehicle and put it in gear and the transmission does not immediately respond. If I wait a minute or so, it begins to acts normally.

3) At time I experience braking issues, the brake pedal begins to feel soft and you can feel the brakes are not "normal".

All these issues started when the ABS light came on one day, and the issues have gotten progressively worse and more frequent. Any help will be truly appreciated!

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probably have the vehicle scanned (with reader that can pull ABS system codes, not just standard OBD-II codes)

with the automatic vehicles, if the ABS system throws codes, it goes into limp home mode.

you could have a sensor going bad, or the tone ring is loaded up with brake dust / dirt / rust -

with it being intermittent, I'm suspecting an ABS sensor - the sensor lead moves with the suspension travel and over time and thousands of miles, the harness can develop breaks in the wiring
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