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I will be moving out of the states around July.
28xxx mi
SRT suspension (Stock suspension will go with it)
Magnaflow Competition Catback 16515
Hurst T-shifter
Lakewood Strut Bar
BT catch can
Mopar Hoodpin
4 18in wheel with Michelin X-Ice 3 for winter (Factory wheel, shown in Pic 1) (This is extra, the original 20in classic wheel is included as well, running Cooper Zeon RS3-S)
Dodge Factory Car Cover
It's my daily drive. I take care of it the best I could. I was planning on shipping it to new place. However, the import regulation is annoying. It did have a cosmetic damage to the front right side. It has been fixed up. Headlight did not break and airbag did not deploy. The carfax might show me as third owner, but I'm the second owner. The first guy traded in for a Shelby. The dealership wouldn't sell to me because I don't have SSN. I have to ask my friend to do all the paper work then gift the car to me. Car is paid in full.
Car is located in West Lafayette, IN
Asking $26000
I will only take cash or cashier check
Price is negotiable, but please don't low ball me.
Motivated seller


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