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2010 SRT Original owners

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How many original 2010 6.1 SRT owners still out there driving and enjoying the first models out? I have to say these factory built 180 mph road track cars never stop impressing me. I have never driven a newer version yet to compare or would want the high $$$ cost .........????? who knows

Regards - Joe
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Still have my 2009 SRT. No recent issues (other than battery) which is good since is out of warranty. Don't drive it to much (have SUV for getting around) and even less now that wife has been working from office due to Covid, sigh. (Blocks me in) Have about 60k miles and only took on one major trip down Route 66. Still enjoy driving it. My son wants me to hand it down to him but having trouble letting go.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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