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Hey guys, been gone a while!

While trying to drive my Challenger from Bryson City, NC to Charlotte 3 days ago, we were driving on ice and I suddenly started getting lights all over the dash. Shortly thereafter she died, on icy roads with snow blowing. I found the alternator hot and discolored and had to disconnect the battery cable at the battery to get the battery to take a charge so i could drive it one mile at a time until I got it to a Dodge dealership.

They called today and confirmed that the alternator was bad. They want $440 for the part and $225 to replace it.

I ordered one for $280 with a $40 core charger and plan to drive back out to Waynesville, NC this Thursday (providing the new alternator arrives as scheduled) to replace it myself.

Here's the deal, I'll be working in 30-40 degrees in their parking lot (or nearby if they kick me out) with only the tools I bring.

Can someone give me a COMPREHENSIVE LIST of every conceivable tool I'll need to replace it. I'd appreciate any addition tips or tricks. She's lowered so going underneath will be hard to impossible unless i bring ramps. Will I need them?

Thanks guys for any advise.
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