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My car is 6 weeks old - has 300 miles on it and when it's cold, it runs like crap. The idle is unsteady (and tach moves around in a 300 rpm range constantly). Driving while warming up feels like the transmission is changing gears all the time but I'm sure it's the engine surging.

Once fully warmed up - the engine still has a frequent stutter or what feels like an unsteady engine like the old days when we used carbs instead of fuel injection.

I asked the service advisor about it and a mechanic was standing there at the time. He said there are no
TSBs so why not wait for the first oil change and mention it again. I don't mind doing that but I wonder if they will do anything then. As some of you have said - if my car is malfunctioning - it shouldn't need a TSB to get fixed - but I wonder if the techs really know how to do anything except follow TSBs
. Seems like those are being used now as the easy way out. No TSB - check with us later. Still none - your S.O.L.

Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution? My car was built first week in March 2011.

Thank you for your advice.

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