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Where you located?

Looking to sell my 2013 R/T Plus here in DFW, it's still in pristine condition w/ ~7,000 miles on it (moving and can't take it with me).


2013 R/T Plus
Black w/ Black Leather Interior
6 Spd Manual
20-inch wheels from factory (so 3.92 gears already)
DVD/Nav Sound package

AirRaid Intake
Hurst Short-Throw Shifter
Kooks Long Tube Headers
Kooks "Green" Cats
Solo Performance Exhaust

All in all put around $4.5K into it since I got it (practically still new). Haven't taken photos to post online yet since it's been raining, can't car wash. Planning on putting up to AutoTrader after getting a CarMax quote as well.

Let me know if interested and what you're looking to spend-

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Im in Tulsa, OK.
Sounds like a nice car. Would have to be a good deal. I have a good relationship with the dealer here and can get a new r/t very reasonable. Cant seem to find many srt8s though.
Good mods on the car. Maybe pm me a price to start?


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