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Problems with `11 Chargers too. Here is a few comments from another forum:

Went to dealer today & had my passenger door handle replaced.
Now both handles have been replaced & for sure not the fix. Still get the message.

So guys if your dealer suggest to replace the door handles & rip your car apart.
Tell them they are wasting both your time & that Dodge is 100% wrong in thinking this is the fix.

This & the iPod with no voice activation is now getting on my nerves!
But all cars have their issues & this is one fine car besides, so I will Hang In!
Does your keyless entry work? Mine will only work on the passenger door. Has anyone tried disconnecting the battery? Maybe it would work again for a little bit. Thanks for keeping us informed.
My keyless system works perfect on both doors I just keep getting the message!
I just got the "Service Keyless System" today as I was leaving the dealership. My passenger side sensor doesn't work and won't unlock from that side but the driver side still works. I'm not going to take it in until I see a definite fix first.
First my drivers side wouldn't work but passenger side would, then niether side would work. Dealer replaced Drivers side door handle. Now drivers side works but passenger side doesn't. dealer has ordered passenger side handle now. Isn't it great to be a guinea pig?
1 - 2 of 417 Posts
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